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What is The Union County Foundation?
The Union County Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists individuals and organizations with fulfilling their charitable goals. The Foundation supports and enables the accumulation, investment, and distribution of charitable dollars to benefit the citizens of Union County.

Your Community Foundation
The Union County Foundation supports programs and projects of promise that are responsive to your community needs. Its assets provide a type of venture capital for creative problem solving and strengthening key community institutions to accomplish their missions more effectively and independently.

You and your family have extraordinary opportunities to support a growing community trust that will serve many generations to come. As you contribute during your lifetime to the causes and organizations that are special to you, the Foundation will enable you to sustain your legacy. Through your gifts that are invested, local charitable causes benefit today and in the future.


The Union County Foundation complies with the Council on Foundations' National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. Learn more...
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