Historical & Military

American Legion Post #79 Legacy Fund

Dollars donated provide funds to support the Marysville Post; both its physical facility and its programs and activities.

Veterans Remembrance Fund

This fund was established in order to develop a permanent veterans monument to be located on the grounds of the county courthouse at 215 W. 5th Street in Marysville and to establish a computer database honoring and identifying all Union County Veterans.

Wounded Warrior Dogs Project Fund

Initiated by the creator of the Wounded Warrior Dogs carved sculptures, James Mellick and his wife Marcia, this fund will support and display of the wounded warrior dog sculptures.

The Mintier Veteran’s Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of Vietnam veteran Robert Mintier, this fund supports a scholarship for graduating seniors from MHS that are sons or daughters of U.S. Veterans.

The Marilyn Shearer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 2019 in honor and memory of Marysville resident Marilyn Shearer. This annual scholarship is awarded to a graduating Marysville High School, Fairbanks High School, or North Union High School female student, preferable with a legacy connection to Daughters of the American Revolution.