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American Legion Post #79 Legacy Fund
Dollars donated provide funds to support the Marysville Post; both its physical facility and its programs and activities.

Charles Andrew Baesmann II Memorial Fund
The fund memorializes the life of MHS student Charles Andrew (Charlie, Chaz, Scooter) Baesmann II. The fund supports the Marysville High School FFA program, and Union County 4-H Clubs.

Tim Berg Memorial Fund
In memory of North Union graduate Tim Berg, this fund will support various athletic programs at North Union High School ranging from an Athletic Scholarship to donations to individual North Union athletic programs.

Patricia Biehl Humanities Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was created by a group of former students of Mrs. Patricia Biehl, a retired English and Humanities teacher at MHS. A scholarship will be awarded annually to an outstanding MHS senior in the Humanities area.

Sara Mae Burnside Scholarship Fund
Funded by a bequest of Mrs. Burnside> and Kathleen lmbody, these annual scholarships are awarded to North Union graduates for the purpose of furthering their education at the college level.

Care Train of Union County
This agency fund supports the work of the Care Train of Union County. Learn more at their website at Care Train of Union County .

Kathryn Marsh Coleman & James Coleman Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established in loving memory of Kathryn Marsh Coleman and her beloved son James Coleman. Scholarships will be awarded to underwrite summer camp experience for Union County handicapped/disabled minor aged children.

Pat Conlon Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was initiated by the family of Pat Conlon to honor her commitment to education. The fund supports scholarships to graduating Marysville High School students.

Andrew Daum Memorial Soccer Scholarship
This scholarship is in memory of Marysville High School soccer athlete Andrew Daum, and is awarded to a graduating MHS senior soccer athlete pursuing a college or technical degree.

The Robert and Joan Deaton Scholarship Fund
This fund was formed in memory of Robert and Joan Deaton by their children. The fund supports a scholarship to a Marysville High School graduating senior to pursue a post-secondary education of his or her choosing.

Paul and Betty Devine Fund
This fund honors Paul Devine’s commitment to the pursuit of athletics for all persons, particularly those having special needs. The fund will prioritize, but not limit, its support towards organizations such as Special Olympics.

Eagle's Benevolence Charity Fund
This fund was established in late 2003 and has been a major supporter of High School Athletics in Union County, as well as providing significant financial resources for Marysville's Fire and Police departments and the Union County Sheriff's department.

Elizaveta Fund
The Jim and Faye Cox Family established this fund to support deserving Union County families looking to adopt an orphan either domestically or internationally. Preference will be given to families residing in Union County; however this restriction can be waived if a deserving family has a connection (family, etc.) to Union County, Ohio.

Elk's Benevolent Fund
Initiated in 2003, the Elks have supported many local groups including the Community & Seasoned Citizens group, the Military Family Support Group, the American Legion Post 79, Marysville Athletic Association, Law Enforcement Memorial as well as many others.

Encore! Fund
The Encore! Fund supports a local summer theater group for High School students.

Fairbanks Education Fund
Funded by a gift from the estate of former Fairbanks Elementary Guidance Counselor Darla Hall-Barrett, the Fairbanks Education Fund will support school projects within the Fairbanks School District, and scholarships for graduating FHS seniors who have participated in the arts for at least two years.

Families Matter -- Union County Juvenile Court Fund
This fund will provide support and assistance to the family centered programs administered by the Union County Juvenile Court.

FosterFriends was initiated by the Scott Underwood Family to support social-developmental needs of foster children in Union County. This fund focuses on programs that cannot be funded through the Department of Human Services: civic clubs, school and church projects, extra-curricular activities, sports programs and hobbies. Monies are also used to supplement the basic needs for foster care.

Robert M. Fox Scholarship Fund
Robert M. Fox devoted all of his life to the world of agriculture in the community that he loved. This fund will provide scholarships for North Union students showing good academic skills in Vocational Agriculture, and also a commitment to involvement and service to their school and community. Applications can be found on the Union County Foundationís web site, www.unioncountyfoundation.org

Friends of the Eljer Skate Park Fund
This fund was formed by the Friends of Eljer Skate Park Committee and the City of Marysville to help underwrite the construction and maintenance of the “new” Eljer Skate Park.

Charles and Marjorie Green Scholarship Fund
The Green family unselfishly established a scholarship Fund that provides financial assistance to a Marysville High School senior active in what was dear to Charles: technical fields, vocational studies, and agriculture.

Jeffrey L. “Griff” Griffith Scholarship Fund
This Fund was initiated in memory of Jeffrey L. Griffith, long time resident of Richwood and Alumni of North Union High School. The Fund underwrites a scholarship award to a graduating NUHS athlete.

Walter & Doris Herd Scholarship Fund
The fund memorializes the lives of Walter & Doris Herd. The fund supports scholarships for graduating MHS agricultural students. Uniquely, this scholarship is not based on academic standing but more on agriculture affiliation and service.

Hildreth Endowment Fund
This Fund was started by Miriam Hildreth to support the Pharisburg United Methodist Church in its growth and ministries.

Corey Hoehn Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is available to senior members of the Marysville High School baseball team who are scheduled for enrollment in a post-secondary accredited college or university. Must have a 3.0 GPA or above.

Houston House Gallery 264 Fund
This fund will support the restoration and preservation of the Houston House located at 264 W. 5th St. in Marysville.

Impact 60 Fund
Donations to this fund will help support various initiatives in the county. One of the current focuses is to address the drug problems affecting the youth of Union County.

Keckley Park Development Fund
Established in 1970, the park is located on the west side of Bear Swamp Road and honors the parents of Ina B. Keckley. Donations to this fund will enhance the present park which includes a playground, picnic shelter, wetlands, hiking trails, fishing lake, ball fields, amphitheater and a 15-acre prairie restoration project.

Kamden J. Ketchell Fund
This fund was established in 2012 in Kamden's memory. The Fund's goal is to deter teen suicide by supporting programs and education regarding coping with anger, depression, bullying, low self esteem, etc.

G.L. Kingsmore Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established in loving memory of G.L Kingsmore, who insisted on hard work, yet always encouraged young people to be the best they could be, to finish school, and be active members of the community. Mr. Kingsmore was a teacher for over 35 years, and also served the greater community as councilman and mayor.

Kiwanis Scholarship Funds
Established as two separate funds, each fund provides a scholarship to a promising area student. The Dr. C. B. Mills Memorial-Kiwanis College Scholarship Fund will benefit a Marysville High School student each year, while a Fairbanks student will be awarded a scholarship from the Sargent V. Chamberlain-Kiwanis College Scholarship Fund.

William Logan Krebehenne Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund benefits graduating North Union High School seniors active in athletics, and pursuing an agricultural/natural resources related major.

Dan B. Kyle Scholarship Fund
Established in 1994, this fund enables scholarships to be awarded each year to qualified seniors at North Union High School who are going into the field of Finance or Education. Danís family keeps his memory alive through the lives of these students.

Ryan J. and Kristin K. Lee Family Charitable Fund
This is an unrestricted donor advised fund initiated by Ryan and Kristin Lee to “give back and pay forward.” This fund supports various local causes and projects.

The Lee Family Fund
The fund was established by Mr. & Mrs. Lutrelle Lee and family to support charitable causes and organizations in Union County.

The Lewis Family Fund
The Lewis Family established a fund in order to benefit many causes dear to them and to their community, especially the YMCA.

Dr. Malcolm & Barbara MacIvor Scholarship Fund
Established by the MacIvor Family in memory of longtime local physician, Malcolm MacIvor M.D., this fund benefits those pursuing an education toward a medical related vocation.

Marysville Art League Scholarship Fund
This fund was created to assist Union County high school graduating seniors pursuing a post secondary education in the visual or performing arts fields.

Marysville Housing Inc. Fund
This fund benefits the Senior Citizens of Union County and the YMCA.

Marysville Moose Family Center Scholarship Fund
This fund underwrites scholarships awarded annually by the Moose Family Center to qualifying students with legacy ties to the local Moose organization.

Marysville Moose Lodge Charity Fund
This fund originated in 2003 and has provided generous support for a wide variety of causes in Union County. Some of the many groups to receive funding are Softball/Baseball teams, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, A Special Wish Foundation, Care Train of Union County, and the YMCA.

Jason K. Mathewson Memorial Scholarship
Initiated by the Marysville F.F.A. Alumni, Jason's family, and friends, this scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating MHS student who displays leadership, responsibility, and a commitment to the Marysville F.F.A.

McCarthy & Cox Cares
Community Fund

This fund was established by McCarthy & Cox Retirement & Estate Specialists LLC. The Fund will support a broad array of diverse community needs as determined by a committee of Union County citizens

The McElheny Family Foundation Fund
Established by former Richwood resident and M.I.T. graduate John D. McElheny, this fund supports annual academic awards in the form of quality books to North Union college prep students in grades 8-12.

Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship Fund
The Medical Staff of Memorial Hospital wishes to support the educational pursuits of those Union County residents that desire to matriculate into an accredited field of study in health. ( Ex. medicine, nursing, physical therapy, biological sciences)

MHS Alumni Scholarship Foundation Fund
The fund annually supports scholarships to graduating Marysville High School seniors. Applications are due mid April of each school year and can be found on the Union County Foundation's web site, www.unioncountyfoundation.org

MHS Athletic Hall of Fame Foundation Fund
This fund supports the activities of the MHS Hall of Fame including the annual induction ceremony/ banquet for new inductees and the student athlete mentoring program.

Milford Center Parks & Recreation Fund
The purpose of this fund is to underwrite improvements to the Village of Milford Center including its parks.

Ted & Kathryn Miller Memorial Fund
This Fund is meant as a lasting legacy dedicated to the memory of Ted & Kathryn Miller. Distributions will benefit the Richwood Church of Christ, which may include, but is not limited to, college scholarships for its members.

The Mintier Veteran's Scholarship Fund
The fund memorializes the life of Vietnam veteran Robert Mintier. Scholarship candidates must be graduating seniors from MHS and must be sons or daughters of U.S. Veterans. Applications are due mid April of each school year and can be found on the Union County Foundation's web site.

The Jess and Josephine Mitchell Family Foundation Fund
This fund was established in 2014 by Jim and Carolyn Mitchell, long time residents of Union County. The Fund will support a myriad of causes and organizations as a way for the Mitchell Family to give back to and benefit the County they love so dearly.

Mosaic Fund
This fund was anonymously formed by a Marysville family. It supports a wide range of charitable causes and organizations.

Next Generations Initiative Office Operations Endowment Fund
This fund was created as part of a two phase campaign to endow both the operations of the Union County Foundation (Phase 1), as well as the Unrestricted Grant Fund (Phase 2). Contact the Union County Foundation for more information, info@unioncountyfoundation.org, (937) 642-9618.

Jake Nickle Gridiron Fund
Dedicated to the memory of Jake Nickle, a Marysville High School graduate known as a quiet leader both on and off the gridiron, this fund will support the football programs at MHS and Capital University including but not limited to scholarships.

Pat and Tom Nuckles Scholarship Fund
This fund was created through the estate of Patricia J. Nuckles for the purpose of assisting graduating Marysville High School and Triad High School students pursuing a post-secondary education. The selection is based on academic achievement and financial need.

The Perry Family Funds
The George Perry Family Fund and the Perry Family Charitable Fund were established by Union County resident George Perry to support various charitable causes throughout Union County.

The Pottersburg Bridge Preservation Fund
The purpose of the Fund is to underwrite improvements and maintenance to the Pottersburg Bridge. This bridge is a Union County treasure and an integral part of the annual Covered Bridge Bluegrass Festival.

Richwood Area Business Association Scholarship Fund
This Fund supports scholarships to graduating seniors from North Union High School and Tri-Rivers Career Center who intend to pursue a post-secondary education in general business.

Richwood Lake Park Trail Fund
This designated fund supports the Richwood Lake Park trail project.

Rotary Club Fund
Rotary is an international service club whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill. Donations to this fund will support the work of the local chapter.

Rita Rubeck Parker Fund
This scholarship fund memorializes Bernard ďBarneyĒ Rubeck. The fund assists graduating seniors from North Union High School and Tri-Rivers Career Center, and may be applied to any accredited two-year, four-year university or technical school.

Silver Scene Players Charitable Fund
This fund was formed to “advance the arts” by supporting local theatrical productions and associated activities.

Susan Finch Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is a tribute to the life of Susan Finch Simpson, a proud 1997 graduate of Marysville High School. An annual scholarship will be awarded based on academic achievement and potential, character, community service and financial need. Applications can be found on the Union County Foundationís web site.

Stolte Excellence In Leadership Scholarship Fund
This fund was initiated by long time Union County Engineer Steve Stolte and his wife Mardy. The fund supports scholarships to graduating Union County students who have displayed outstanding leadership skills. Applications are due mid April of each school year and can be found on the Union County Foundationís web site.

Summer Theater Workshop Scholarship Fund
Established in January 2014 by the Summer Theater Workshop Council, this scholarship fund is to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors of Union County schools who have participated in Summer Theater Workshop.

J. Carl & Jeanie Thiergartner Fund
The Thiergartners established this donor advised fund to support various charitable causes including their local church.

Underwood Family Cultural & Educational Fund
This Fund was initiated by the Underwoods to support and advance cultural and educational development in individuals who display particular promise. Financial support can occur through scholarships and appropriate and applicable expense reimbursements.

Union County Common Pleas Drug Court Fund
This Fund was initiated in memory of Sidney Allmon and provides support to the Union County Drug Court in its quest to help drug offenders become drug free.

Union County Fair Board
This Fund was initiated by The Union County Fair Board to provide financial support for the Union County Fair and other Fair Board projects.

Union County Foundation Endowment Fund
Your donations enable the Union County Foundation to fund operations and unrestricted grants to local charitable programs.

Union County Foundation Founders Fund
Established in honor of the Foundation’s Founders and to recognize the 20th Anniversary of the Foundation, this fund supports the advancement of the Union County Foundation as an organization and in its role as a community leader.

Union County YMCA Legacy Fund
This agency fund was created to support the Union County Family YMCA. The YMCA is a cause driven organization that is for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Union Rural Electric Scholarship Fund
Underwrites annual scholarships awarded by U.R.E. to U.R.E. Cooperative members' outstanding graduating high school students.

United Way of Union County Lasting Legacy Fund
The Foundation has partnered with the United Way to establish another way for people to support the operations of the United Way. The United Way is now able to accept appreciated securities, property and other assets along with traditional monetary donations.

Veterans Memorial Fund
Dollars donated provide funds to renovate historical Union County Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Continued improvements are facilitated by your giving.

Veteranís Remembrance Fund
This fund was established in order to develop a permanent veterans monument to be located on the grounds of the county courthouse at 215 W. 5th Street in Marysville and to establish a computer data base honoring and identifying all Union County Veterans.

Georgeann Vollrath Memorial Fund
The fund memorializes a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who had a special place in her heart for children and parochial education. The fund supports scholarships to Trinity Lutheran School for children of financially challenged families

The Roy A. Wallace B.I.F. Memorial Fund
The fund memorializes Beef Improvement Federation 40 year member Roy Wallace. Mr. Wallace was committed to the advancement of the beef cattle industry. The fund supports beef breeding genetics and scholarships for students to apply to a field of study related to the beef cattle industry.

Dave and Elizabeth Ward Scholarship Fund
This fund was formed in the memory of Dave and Elizabeth Ward by their children. The fund supports scholarships to a graduating Marysville High School Eagle Scout and a Marysville High School student pursuing a major in music.

Jarret Westlake Memorial Scholarship Fund
The fund supports Union County high school graduating seniors pursuing a post secondary education.

Laverne & Juanita Yoder Charitable Fund
The fund memorializes the Yoder family of West Liberty. This Fund annually supports scholarships to members of the West Liberty United Methodist Church. It also supports non-profit, Union & Marion County organizations providing hospice care, hospital services, extended or skilled medical care.

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